Wild berry smoothies & wild ideas

The place to start this blog has to be back where this whole harebrained plan was conceived.

I wish I could say that the Saturday morning Parkrun is ritual, but it’s not often we can drag ourselves from beneath the covers. This particular Saturday (September 2015), we managed, and after a hilly 5km at Brockwell Park we rolled into our regular Brixton smoothy/coffee establishment to catch-up with some friends. Laura (friend from Loughborough University days), began telling us about her friend Peachy who had just got from a sabbatical year cycling around the world.

Wait. WHAT?

How? Where? Why? How far? What did he eat? Did he get chased by dogs? Tigers? We were sold.

We’ve been thinking for years about taking a “career break” (or just retiring to be honest), and whilst no time is perfect, this time seemed as good as any. And so the adventure begins.

We're often asked where you start when planning trip like this. World cycles are now well documented nowadays, so there are many points of reference. When we were planning our trip there were a few blogs that we just kept coming back to. Here are the best of the bunch:

Travelling Two: Written by a Canadian couple who have spent years cycling the world, these are relaxed cycle tourers, so maybe less relevant if you are looking to break any land speed records. They know how to live comfortably on the road and their kit reviews and information on the admin areas such as jabs and visas has been a constant go-to throughout our planning.

Toms Bike Trip: Tom is a British guy who has been touring for over 10 years. He's not afraid of leaving his comfort zone, and has tested himself and his kit everywhere from the Arctic to the desert plains in Ethiopia. Tom has written some handy e-guides that provide a great start point if your interested in getting into touring.

The Life Cycle: This is the website of James Peach, Laura's friend, who has been at the end of the phone for us on so many occasions whilst planning this trip. James is a brilliant writer, and his accounts of his experiences in so many of the countries he visited are not only hilarious, but brilliantly capture so many of the cultural details that make travelling so special.