A crash course in high wind camping

In March we bought our tent that will be our home for a year. Knowing it would be best to get a bit of practice, we headed north to the Scottish Highlands, hiking part of the West Highland way, which stretches from Glasgow, past Loch Lomand, up to Fort William at the feet of Ben Nevis.

Night one was wild camping at the most remote part we could find; next to a river, sheltered by a small hill. The rain lashed the tent all night (and still Katie’s activity tracker says she slept for 11 hours…), and we woke to find that the front pegs had flown out and our hiking boots left exposed, and filled to the brim with water.

Night two was more challenging than the first. We reached our destination for the night, headed for the nearest campsite, put up the tent and went straight to the local chippy. Later on as we fell into a food coma the wind really got going. The ironically named Storm Katie was gusting 80mph winds. At 10.15pm we were woken with a start as the front pegs blew out again and the front of the tent (now effectively a sail), began threatening to take off. Outside there was a flurry of headlights and panicked whispering voices. Twice Ewan had to leap out and save us from flying away!

It’s fair to say there were a few lessons learned:

  1. Get awesome tent pegs

  2. Don’t forget to pack a lighter / matches (it was nearly cold tinned soup for dinner…)

  3. Don’t leave your shoes in the tent porch during a storm

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